My name is Andrew White

My mission is to take you, your family, your team or your organization to places you’ve never been before. In some cases I'll take you to places you’ve never been geographically, in other cases physically or professionally and in every case – emotionally!

I focus on three areas:

  1. Life altering Personal and Corporate Radical Sabbaticals - customized travel experiences guaranteed to elicit an epiphany!
  2. Personal Branding and Leadership Coaching - these two areas of focus are actually symbiotic!
  3. Video Biographies - because I believe your great grandchildren would like to meet you!

Why is my url  Because I truly believe that what we are seeking as humans is not "a meaning for life" but rather maximum aliveness - the rapture of being alive - the ultimate place to be!

To paraphrase Kurt Hahn the founder of Outward Bound …

”we become more alive by simply changing our environments - particularly through adventure. In a unique setting where we can no longer count on things as they were, our senses become more finely attuned and our instincts sharpen - its a sure ticket to revitalized awareness.”  or as I call it maximum aliveness!

Read Joseph Campbell's The hero with a thousand faces (maybe the most influential book of the 20th century) and you'll see what I mean...


Guiding principles:

My Vision – people first!

  • You change business by changing the behaviour of people
  • The potential of people NOT products & services are a company’s only source of competitive advantage

My Purposeexperiences that change lives!

  • A consultative approach to help organizations (and individuals) implement accelerated strategic and sustainable people transformation through the flawless delivery of customized experiences

My Belief – transformation is the key to sustained results!

  • Traditional methods of harnessing human potential lead to short-term change (quick fix) because they are not transformational in nature

 My Mission – create & stage experiences that motivate & transform people!

  • Transformational experiences occur in the “experience sweet spot” – where the perfect balance of entertainment, education, adventure, environment and sensory realms are delivered