At university his undergraduate studies centered on Business and Psychology with special emphasis on Organizational Behaviour and Adventure Therapy. His love of the outdoors contributed to his thesis which looked at the “Company of Adventurers” (The Hudson’s Bay Company) and their contribution to Canadians’ attitudes towards entrepreneurship. His graduate degree is in Human Resource Management which, together with his first business adventure as a pub owner, has given him rare insights into the human psyche.

In London England he co-owned two pubs before joining Molson Breweries as their representative in the UK. His success eventually brought him home as Molson's Director, International responsible for all of Molson's business outside of North America.

In 1998 Andrew’s entrepreneurial ambitions led him to become co-owner of Canada’s oldest canoe tripping company. Combining his business acumen and love of adventure he spent his summers guiding and leading trips through some of Canada’s most spectacular wilderness. It was the Arctic that convinced him that adventure could play a valid role in preparing companies for the 21st century. He saw adventure as a catalyst in truly transforming people – forcing them to alter their perspective to "see new things and to see old things in a new way." From his work in the corporate world he knew these life-defining experiences could prove invaluable to corporations and their employees in seeking innovative and break through solutions to specific business challenges.

In the Arctic he met Robert Peters, the dynamic founder of Encore Strategic Marketing (now The Hive Strategic Marketing), and Destination Arctic was born. As an arm of The Hive, Destination Arctic became both a Destination Management Company for corporations seeking experiential corporate events and a provider of marketing services to Arctic companies. Andrew led a comprehensive re-branding of Canada's largest Northern airline Canadian North. The Hive is one of North America's most recognized providers of “brand experiences." Andrew saw that the same experiential programs The Hive used for motivating consumers (external audiences) could be used to motivate employees (internal audiences).

During his corporate days Andrew had participated an infinite variety of off-sites and incentive travel programs. None had any long-term affect on the way he thought or acted in business. Those programs and sessions just don’t stimulate your “innovation center”.

In an effort to reach more people Andrew started his own coaching practice with a focus on leadership, innovative thinking and personal branding. He worked with several technology companies including Microsoft. In today's economy it is clear that organizations are seeking new ways to generate profits. Traditional methods of generating corporate profit have been implemented – cost cutting, down sizing, automation, mergers and acquisitions.  To create market advantage companies have embraced innovation. Some theorists maintain that the most important business issue of our time is finding a way to build companies where innovation is both radical and systematic. Drawing on his adventure experience Andrew knew that innovative thinking could be taught. He saw it all the time when people face alien situations in the wilderness. “It’s as if a button is pushed and suddenly the most conservative thinkers become innovative thinkers when faced with situations that require new solutions”. Andrew’s theory is based on the belief that real change is only possible when people are pushed out of their comfort zone. He calls it the “adventure zone”. “Obviously” he says “people aren’t going to change unless they have to and the only place they really have to change is in environments that demand it.”

Andrew’s second passion is "brand alignment" - helping companies develop holistic programs that ensure all employees understand and are motivated to deliver a company's brand promise at every touchpoint. In 2003 he approached one of the worldwide thought leaders on the subject namely Maritz Inc. where he was hired as Client Services Director working with companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

After two very successful years at Maritz Andrew became convinced that the real gift that his company “Radical Sabbatical” could give people was designing and staging experiences that are carefully choreographed to induce both tangible results and life-long memories so he moved into an industry that would cater to both organizations and individuals and became co-owner of one of Canada’s leading boutique luxury travel companies namely Horizon & Co. (est.1963)

He brings passion, dedication, urgency and vision to every challenge and is driven to succeed. Fortunately he has a wife and two young children who have taught him the advantages of never sleeping.