"If you want results from your meetings, then change your cookie cutter approach to off-sites" - FAST COMPANY

Companies have traditionally looked for inspiration in the wrong places: hotels and resorts. The last great thought to come out of a resort off-site was the conviction to never do it again. Our programs take people to places where conventional thinking simply doesn’t work. Environments that challenge you to think are the only environments capable of affecting real, sustainable change. We believe that fundamental change only occurs when off-sites are staged in a truly innovative, unique, creative and holistic way. Experiential Travel can be  a catalyst in truly transforming people – forcing them to alter their perspective to "see new things and to see old things in a new way." We dazzle their senses, touch their hearts and stimulate their minds – making it possible to truly think outside the box.

"The traditional approach is to get the HR department to book a nice hotel, hire a cast of non-threatening facilitators, and load up on easels, flip-charts, ice-breaker exercises and yet another canvas bag with the company logo. Then, a few months later disappointment sets in – what actually changed as a result of this off-site (other than possibly a lower golf handicap and an aversion to tequila)? How did a room with so many smart people produce so few ideas with impact?"

  “The process of getting away together in a far-off land, or any off-site location for that matter, can create bonds that simply don’t occur any other way. Even the most hard nosed skeptic has respect for travel programs after attending a well constructed travel experience and maybe shedding a tear or two at a particularly moving event. Lasting memories, one-of-a kind experiences, can’t do on your own events – these are the foundation of the incentive travel industry” - Past President of the Society of Incentive Travel Executives

 “You can’t drag people to a boring, ho-hum conference center and expect anything but boring, ho-hum results.” - Cheryl Dahle, Fast Company

These statements reflect the results oriented, goal driven off-sites that corporations are increasingly demanding of their organizations. Off-sites must inspire participants to solve real problems rather than simply entertain employees. Companies that have embraced this reality look for inspiring and unusual environments to foster creative, innovative, problem solving gatherings.

It’s not a ropes course – we promise! From our perspective, corporate off sites that employ physical hardship, endurance and deprivation miss the point – the travel element of the off site is simply the catalyst to help move people out of their comfort zones (since people don’t change their behavior when they are comfortable). Our view of the “adventure” aspect of corporate travel is that is should be about “challenging your own internal limits of daring”, not ropes courses and traditional team-building exercises.

We’re not the only people who believe in this concept. Many Fortune 500 companies have bought into the value of getting people out of their comfort zone as a catalyst for innovative thinking. Xerox, Timberland, Nike, Harley Davidson and many other companies participate year after year in everything from Vision Quests in the deserts of New Mexico to warp-speed team-building at Everest base-camp.

Facilitation: Bring your own or let us provide one to suit your needs from our stable of leadership consultants, executive coaches, motivational speakers, authors, facilitators and videographers.