Why film your Biography?

A video biography gives you an opportunity to capture on film the moments and experiences that have shaped you. Not only will you ensure that your story is told, you’ll have a chance to tell your story your way. Your friends, colleagues and family will hear you tell it in your own words; they will see the expression on your face and will be able to see things through your eyes.  You are the tour guide on this journey, directing what is shown to your audience. Your biography will include interviews with you and significant people in your life, as well as footage of pets, places, buildings, mementoes—anything that brings your story to life.

A video biography is a unique record of your past, but it is also a powerful tool for you today to help focus on what is really important to you. The very act of outlining, researching, scripting and filming the profile will help you see things in a new light. You may find new appreciation for some of the people with whom you shared special moments, or you may come to realize just how deeply you care for your hobbies, your travels, your culture or community. This is not just important as you assess the past; it may well have impact on how you approach your future.  The process of recording your story may even inspire you to fulfill dreams you abandoned long ago. 

Telling your story puts into perspective all that you have accomplished. Your biography can focus on family relationships or broadly document creative achievements, professional triumphs and even historic moments that have touched you.   Some of our clients have been amazed to find that telling their stories gives them an unexpected sense of pride as they are able to step back and appreciate all they have done. They realize that they do have a rich story to share and that they need to tell it.