Kate Makinson, Sales Manager, Horizon & Co.

“I worked closely with Andrew (reporting directly to him) during my time with Horizon and Co. I have never worked for someone with so much enthusiasm, energy and overall zest for the everyday. His spirit is infectious. He instituted a "morning huddle" at Horizon - a quick pow-wow every morning at the beginning of the day meant to connect all of the staff, discuss what was on the agenda for the day / week and to start the day off right. I never started a single work day in 7 months without a boisterous, enthusiastic "GOOD MORNING"! from Andrew. I worked with Andrew on one of Horizon's largest trips (to the Masters in Augusta, Georgia). This trip is a 3-day event that takes a full year of planning to execute. Hundreds of clients accompany us on this trip which has MANY moving pieces. Andrew's superior leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills made this event the true success that it was. He is one-of-a-kind. The hardest part about leaving Horizon and Co. to start my own floral company was knowing I wouldn't be working for Andrew any longer.”