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Maximum Aliveness exercises

The Dalai Lama says that “easy times are our enemy, they put us to sleep, adversity is our greatest friend, it wakes us up!”

I like to design experiences where I watch people get ‘edgy’ from not doing what they usually do. After all to be on the edge is to be on the frontier of adventure - eventually you will feel maximum aliveness. You've probably heard the expression "if you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space"

Try creating your own personal “maximum aliveness exercises” - vicarious adventuring won’t change you or satiate you!

  • Get soaking wet in the rain
  • Camp in your back yard
  • Spend the day fasting
  • Spend 48 hours away from home with 50 cents or less
  • The less you spend the more you experience, the safety cushion (comfort zone) we call money often insulates us from a more intense and invigorating reality
  • Go undercover in another department or even another company
  • Give somebody something that hurts to do without without the expectation of something back… a real sacrifice, here’s a radical idea give some of your time away, studies show that generosity is contagious - it’s a good way to realign everyone’s energies and get things moving again!